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Unexpected Strategies to Enhance your restaurant’s Instagram Marketing Strategy

Unexpected Strategies to Enhance your restaurant’s Instagram Marketing Strategy

Restaurants need a complete Instagram marketing strategy, but what do you do following the release of photos? Learn our surprising tips to help improve the efficiency of your establishment’s Instagram marketing.

Did you know whether social media is the 2nd most popular method that customers find restaurants?

Thereforerestaurants require an extensive and comprehensive social media marketing strategy that incorporates Instagram marketing.

You’re posting quality photos regularly and engaging with your followers; you’re on the right path. However, you shouldn’t just stop there! Now is the perfect time to provide your plan with an extra boost.

I spoke with our hospitality marketing experts, and they provided me with a couple of tips that will help you take the Instagram marketing plan to the next step. You can also buy followers on Mrinsta to help your marketing strategy.


What are the reasons restaurants should have an Instagram marketing strategy?

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Tips to Market Your Restaurant on Instagram Restaurant

Andrea Sanchez, a digital marketing strategist from our hotel pod, advises her restaurant clients to utilize Instagram Stories and the relevant hashtags to increase their Instagram reach. Here are her six suggestions:

  1. You should try Instagram Stories! People enjoy having the experience of feeling like being an insider. Giving them a look behind the scenes could keep them informed about the happenings at your restaurant.
  2. Don’t overlook important hashtags. Posts that contain at the very least one hashtag can get 12.6 percent higher engagement.
  3. Participate in national food festivals. Use relevant, trending hashtags, like #nationaldonutday, #pancakedayetc.
  4. Make use of local hashtags also! For example, in Columbus, there are #eat614 and #cbuseatsthat restaurants and eateries use to provide their Instagram posts more visibility.
  5. Retargeting advertisements on Instagram is an absolute must for restaurants. Utilize attractive food items images to retarget customers who have visited your site and will recall your brand when they’re hungry again.
  6. Be sure to post at the appropriate time. The best moments for you to post to Instagram are during meals or when people are hungry and are searching to find a company.

Learn more details about it in Andrea’s earlier post, Digital Marketing Tips for Restaurants.

The next suggestion is from Todd Ufferman, our hospitality team manager for our hospitality pod. Todd suggests that his customers engage positively with Instagram customers who linked their Instagram photos with your restaurant’s address. Here are his Instagram suggestions for restaurants:

One of the tips I recommend for my customers is to seek out and connect with other Instagram users. Make use of Instagram to search for images that have been tagged with your place of residence.

It is possible to engage with them by following their account, liking the posts and reposting it, or even commenting with a nice compliment on the image. This can help you build your following on Instagram and also engage customers.

There are likely hundreds or even thousands of images on Instagram that are tagged with the restaurant’s address. If you don’t engage with any of these photos, you’re missing the chance to connect (and develop relationships) with satisfied customers.

I also spoke to our digital content manager Megan Hudson, who had other suggestions to help your establishment’s Instagram strategy.

  1. Develop a plan for the way you interact with followers. As you likely don’t have time to engage with each user’s post on your business, you should engage with people who have the most significant following. This will ensure that your business is seen by the most considerable number of Instagrammers, even though you cannot reply to every post.
  2. Don’t undervalue the potential of influencer marketing. You can send your city’s influencers promotional messages to lure them to your restaurant. You’ll get the free food to get a massive increase in traffic. Plus, influencers know their stuff when they take amazing food photos, and not only will your food reach more people, but your food will also look amazing!


Let’s Review

  • Instagram is a component of any effective marketing strategy. Social media is a critical component of any marketing strategy.
  • Make use of Instagram Stories.
  • Incorporate relevant local and current hashtags
  • Try Retargeting ads
  • Post just before meals, when people are most likely to be hungry.
  • Contact customers who have featured your company on their Instagram posts, particularly when they have a large number of followers
  • Find local influencers and provide promotions to draw them to visit your restaurant. you can be sure they’ll share photos of their meals with their followers and give you greater exposure