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Destination Makeup Look Essentials for Bridesmaids

<strong>Destination Makeup Look Essentials for Bridesmaids</strong>

It is an absolute honor to be someone’s bridesmaid. However it comes with a lot of responsibilities. Not only this, the bridesmaid herself needs to look the best and should have perfect clothes, matching jewelry with the right makeup vanity, to give you that enticing glow on your face.

It’s a beach destination wedding. Should you keep your makeup breezy and minimal, or should you go for a proper loud and traditional makeup look if it’s a fort wedding? How do you decide which makeup look to go for? We at Lotus Makeup are here to help you with the best inspo of bridesmaid makeup look essentials.

Take a look at what we have in store for you to be the photo-ready bridesmaid:

1. Evergreen Soft Glam: Soft glam makeup looks are the most effortless and natural looking, especially befitting if the wedding is a beach wedding. The step to achieve a soft glam look is using the best foundation cream Lotus Make-Up Proedit Silk Touch Perfecting Foundation can be used as the base with contouring and sealing it with a highlighter.  For the eyes, go for subtle eye makeup with undertones of the shade of your outfit. For the lips, use perfect soft-toned lipstick.  The soft glam look is quick and easy and suits every skin tone. Be it a day or nighttime function, nothing beats soft glam makeup.

2. Traditional, Bold, and Beautiful: This makeup is befitting for all bridesmaids who are fans of OTT makeup! To nail this look, go for vivid, attractive eye makeup using the Ecostay Long Lasting Kajal – Black , which is a smudge-free, waterproof kajal and EYELINER. Pair it with a glamorously dark shade of lipstick.

The bold makeup look makes your features look chiseled and makes a beautiful statement, especially when paired with traditional outfits and a strong eye kajal. Make sure you focus on the eyes and lips to be on the heavier end of the makeup. This look is best suited for functions in the evening or nighttime. For constant touch up on this bold look, use the best-pressed powder Lotus Make-Up Proedit Silk Touch Perfecting Powder, Ecostay Longlasting Kajal so you don’t lose your shine in any of the photographs.

3. Subtle and Smokey: You can never go wrong with a smokey eye. Subtle and smokey makeup is a great way to achieve a beautiful and dramatic look while making sure it doesn’t come off as too exorbitant. A smokey eye doesn’t need to be black and grey always. Play around with shades of blues, browns, and greens regarding smokey eye makeup. You can also increase the intensity of the shades by adding more pigment without making it look like your makeup is overdone.

Use the combination of light and dark eyeshadow according to your outfit and pair it with nude lipstick or dark lipstick, depending on the time of the function.

4. Mattelicious: If you’re the kind of bridesmaid who doesn’t like fussing over touch-ups, and rightly so, you won’t have the time to rush for touch-ups when you’re the bridesmaid, the mattelicious makeup look is your savior!

This long-lasting matte lipstick makeup look will get you looking photogenic throughout the festivities.

To nail this look, make sure you use products that don’t make you look cakey, yet give you the right glow and shine, so everything stays in place without touch-ups.

The mattelicious makeup look is great for bridesmaids who don’t want too much glitter in their makeup look. For the lips, use the Matte lipstick in shades: Daffodil, Oriental Poppy, Whine Whim, and many more for you to choose from!

The best way to achieve a mattifying makeup look is to use a makeup fixer once you’re done glamming up. 

5. Radiant makeup look: The radiant makeup look can light up your face, and it is meant to look that way, given this look requires a highlighter as the main product.

We suggest you opt for the Lotus strobe cream as your base and use a blending sponge to spread the same and make it look natural evenly. Keep the eyes simple but a little shimmery, and for the lips, go for a lip-plumper gloss Proedit Lip Plumper + Gloss

6. No makeup, makeup look: We forgot to add *with a twist*. The no makeup, makeup look is the most effortlessly beautiful look, but it’s not the one for a bridesmaid.  However, when key elements of the no makeup look are paired with a bold red lip and well-defined eye makeup, the makeup look turns out to be amazing.

To seal this look, use the best makeup fixer by Lotus to ensure your makeup stays right in place while you enjoy the wedding. With Lotus Makeup products and makeup looks, all eyes will surely be on you after the bride!