Dresses For Women With A Wide Back: Tricks To Succeed When Wearing One


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We are not perfect women and in some way, our body will always have some detail in our body, which does not favor us much and that perhaps, at times, can make us self-conscious. But this does not mean that we should totally refrain from wearing some clothes that we love so much.

If you have a wide back, don’t worry, because this won’t prevent you from wearing dresses, don’t get frustrated, none of that! It’s just about using some strategies that the world of fashion offers us, to highlight our virtues as a woman and to refine this area visually. Here at trendy fashion we tell you what the top 5 are, so that you can succeed wearing a dress, if you have a wide back.

1- Avoid tight or tight dresses

Those tight dresses will only make your shoulders look bigger, since these clothes can unbalance your figure on your back and play tricks on you. Although tight dresses can help define the figure, for us girls with wide backs, it can be a double-edged sword. Instead, choose dresses that are loose and have a wide silhouette at the top and that do not have sleeves.

It is also important that you do not wear dresses that are too tight at the waist. If your waist is very tight, the only thing you are going to do is that the eyes are fixed on the width of your back and your back and shoulders stand out.

2- Dress with volume at the bottom

One of the top tricks to succeed when wearing a dress, if you have a wide back, is to wear a dress that has volume at the bottom. For example, a dress that has an asymmetrical cut or one-shoulder sleeves can be an alternative or strategy to hide the wide back. 

Transversal cuts or one-sleeved cuts can hide the width of the back a little, or a dress that is draped at the top and that has a slightly tighter part towards the bottom, would be perfect. The draped effect will help soften the upper part of the body and the lower part, which is fitted, will accentuate the hips, creating a balanced and harmonious silhouette. Dresses with pleated or ruffled skirts are also a great option, as they add volume at the bottom and attract attention by fixing the gaze there and compensating for the width of the back.

3- Say goodbye to thin strap necklines

The wider the strap of the dress, the better the effect to balance your figure. With spaghetti straps, you run the risk of accentuating the proportions only in the back. For this reason, it is better that you opt for dresses that have wide straps or at least, that are asymmetrical cuts or with only one sleeve. In this case this you can choose branded outfits such as scotch soda. This way you will avoid the breadth of your shoulders.

4- Complements at the bottom to create volume

What we are looking for is to generate attention and be striking in the lower part, creating volume and in this way, unload it a little from the upper part. Accessories have not only been our allies to adorn any outfit and give us a lot of style, but they can also serve as tools to seek balance in our image and serve as a balance in the body. 

For example, you can wear long necklaces, loose scarves, hip but not too thick belts, or accessories that can create a very striking illusion and deceive any eye, making the torso look slimmer, as well as the back. Team up with any accessory that can create an effect of verticality and soften the horizontal line of the shoulders.

The footwear can also play an important role, since the upper part is wider and you can help the gaze to be directed towards the shoes, and this creates harmony in your total look. You can wear shoes that are in prints, flashy or very bright colors, which of course contrast with your outfit. Even if you have the possibility you can wear some heels.

5- If you can wear halter necklines

For its part, the halter neckline will draw a trapeze, leaving the shoulders in the air, allowing them to be worn without the body looking exaggerated. The trapeze should cover as much as possible and thus, you will look slimmer and because it is one of the most used types of necklines, you do not have to give it up. One advantage is that he is very athletic. 

This neckline will help you visually shorten the upper part of the body without having to hide the shoulders. In this case, because it is a high neckline, it is best not to wear necklaces or add accessories that can saturate the look.

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