Safety tips for building a children’s Water Splash Park


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Nowadays, water parks have become a favorite of tourists. Water parks are blooming everywhere, and in the management of water parks, the most important thing is safety! Safety is the basic core point of a water park. Talking about management without safety is nonsense.

Since the safety of a water park is so important, how to ensure that your own happy world is safe and reliable so that tourists can have peace of mind? This involves all aspects of the entire development and design chain of the water park, from early design positioning, design planning, equipment model selection; to construction and subsequent management, safety is indispensable.

The following are some tips for safe operation of water amusement parks summarized in the practice of many water amusement parks for discussion in the industry.

  • Design precise positioning based on reality

The early design was aimed at looking up at the stars in a whimsical way and giving full play to imagination. At the same time, it also needed to be down-to-earth, based on practical and safety considerations, and pay attention to the original technical and objective construction standards.

For example, when Guangzhou Histar designed the Chenzhou Animation Water World, they investigated the site and considered that when designing a new project, they must allow tourists to experience excitement and safety, etc., considering various aspects such as technology, venue, theme, and human body feeling.

  • Design planning attaches great importance to science

Once the construction of a water park begins, the overall water park planning must be combined with the natural environment and landforms of the new project site to ensure local conditions and take into account the impact of natural geographical conditions on machinery and equipment. At the same time, it is also necessary to weigh the placement of different equipment, the spacing of spaces, the organization of passenger movement lines, etc. to ensure that the overall planning is reasonable and safe and orderly.

  • Purchase machinery and equipment to ensure quality

The first choice is for equipment with mature and reliable technology and guaranteed quality. When selecting models of amusement equipment for water amusement parks, you must consider the size, theme elements, market customer groups, etc. of your own industrial park to select suitable machinery and equipment.

  • Engineering construction conforms to specifications

The construction of a water park requires the connection between the basic civil engineering construction party and the equipment construction party. Therefore, the quality control during the construction phase is also very important, and must comply with process specifications, meet construction requirements, etc.

  • Thorough and meticulous preparations for the opening

In preparation for opening, special attention should be paid to personnel training and the improvement of work systems. Strengthen learning and training for industrial park managers and improve employees’ safety awareness. Strengthen learning and training on the operation and use specifications of machinery and equipment, and regularly assess employees’ job knowledge and operating specifications.

  • Operation and management safety comes first

In the daily operation and management of water parks, safety is the top priority and attention to detail is given. At the same time, there should be timely and effective emergency plans, plus daily equipment maintenance and management are effectively implemented to ensure operations and allow tourists to have fun and rest assured.

Why choose Histar Water Splash Park?

In order to comply with the trend of the children’s economic era, we have always focused on “edutainment and entertainment”. Over the years, Histar has been comprehensively studying the comprehensive psychological needs of children for growth, learning, and play. Different from ordinary children’s water park equipment, Histar continues to independently develop and design fashionable, novel, fun and unique equipment styles to meet the high standards and requirements of modern post-90s parents and children for material and spiritual enjoyment. While satisfying the visual experience and fun, we pay more attention to every detail of the product, strive for excellence, and continue to improve product quality.


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