Top 3 Mascaras for Every Look


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Finding the best mascara is a personal thing. Some want their eyelashes to look strengthened, some want them to volumize, some want separate & curl tear-proof. The preference for mascara always varies from person to person. There are endless mascaras available in the market performing exceptionally different functions. Also, they come with different brushes and formulas. After all, mascaras work differently due to some factors. Like how mascara will perform on your eyes depends on the shape of your eyes, the quality of your lashes, the mascara’s formula, and the look you want to achieve. So before buying mascara you should consider these things in mind. 

Sometimes you lash curler as well to give lashes curls, thus when you apply mascara after curling the lashes it gives you outstanding results. Other than this, there are so many brands offering outstanding mascaras. So to narrow it down, this blog is suggesting the best mascaras that you can have for every look.

1- Maybelline Lash Lift Mascara  

Maybelline lash lift mascara is the best lengthening mascara. Its doubled curved lifting brush and fiber-infused formula grab lashes at the root to lift, thicken and lengthen. No clumps, smears, or flakes appear, just volume and the look of longer eyelashes that lasts all day. Similarly, when you apply this mascara it delivers you supper-dense dramatic length and volumized lifted lashes look. It has the quality that smartly makes you replace the falsies. The benefits of applying this mascara are many. Like, it gives the instant lift effect from mascara. As this mascara looks so dramatic and volumized it looks just like the false eyelashes, thus with that, you won’t have to look for the false eyelashes. Luckily, you can more mascara like this with 6th Street discount code at much-discounted rates.

2- L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise 

This mascara is slightly pricier than the other drugstore mascaras. It gives your lashes an instant breathtaking volume and length for up to 24 hours! Its new formula is designed to provide extra care to the lashes. Like, the new formula is infused with floral oil – lashes feel conditioned and supple to the touch. Lash Paradise Mascara is clump-resistant, smudge-resistant, long-wearing and suitable for sensitive eyes. The ultra-soft wavy brush catches every lash for dense, fuller-looking lashes. Thus it gives you the desiring look without damaging your lashes. Further, you can add extra coats if you prefer more spidery lashes. Although it is not waterproof but stays very long and is easily washable.

3- Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Waterproof Mascara

This mascara is designed with waterproof properties. Thus you can wear it as long as you want. Similarly, if you have thin and straight eyelashes and you want the mascara to make your lashes look bigger and strengthen, then you should consider buying a lash curler along with the mascara.  Lash curler curls the lashes for you and when you apply Lancôme hypnôse drama mascara on it, it gives you outstanding results.

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