Everything You Need to Know About Numerology


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Numerology is commonly known as the science of numbers. It is entirely about the numbers and the vibrational energies associated with them, which helps numerologists forecast the person’s future. 

Numerologists in India understand that a kind of strength is associated with the numbers that impact the traits of an individual and the events that happen in their lives. Generally, numerology investigates the sum of numbers present in an individual’s birth date with the numbers present in their names.

Based on these things, we can say that numbers in all aspects of a particular individual correlate with their lives in one way or another.  Moreover, the month when any specific events have happened can be curtailed to a particular number, and the same is true about the date and the year. 

Thus, numerology can be defined as a prophecy type and a revelation science based on specific numbers. Depending on such numbers, the numerologist can provide information about your future.  

History of Numerology

Numerology is considered one of the most ancient procedures of figuring out the folks living in a world. In various aspects, the numerological numbers have different and varying meanings connected with a particular aspect. Hence, it evolves to be necessary for everybody to understand the history of numerology and how it originates.

For various times, various nations followed the common numerology concept. Countries such as Greece, Japan, ancient Egypt, and India have already started the habit of numerology and its procedures. In addition to these countries, there were shreds of evidence that the numerology concept was followed in nations such as China and Rome in ancient times. 

At the same time, the two main and oldest numerology methods were Kabbalah Numerology and Chaldean Numerology. Later, Pythagoras, the Greek Philosopher, was named to be a father of numerology and provided another method of numerology, known as Pythagorean numerology.

Pythagorean Numerology is also called Modern numerology or western numerology. Pythagoras has not bestowed value for this finding of numerology, but his strategies helped in the stretch and improvement of numerology to an enormous degree.

It would be best if you looked at the top numerologist near me to know more about the history of numerology. 

Benefits of Numerology

Numerology assists in knowing the positive and negative points of a person. There are several ways where numerology assists and works for the development of the life of people. Like suggesting the right profession and career, relationship compatibility, predicting a beneficial name for business and children, and several solutions related to work, business, and job predictions. 

How does numerology work?

As mentioned earlier,  numerology studies numbers from 1 to 9. Thus, numerology only includes single-digit numbers, excluding 11,22 and 33, known as master numbers. It would be best if you visited a top astrologer to get more details about how numerology works. 

All these numbers have prime vibration rates associated with various traits of an individual’s life.  So, after adding your particular numbers, if you get any double number, you should turn it into a single digit,  as it is the basis of numerology. 

Let’s see an example of how numerology works:

If 15 December 1998 is your date of birth, you have to change it in the following way:

• Date: 1+5= 6

• Month: 1+2= 3

• Year: 1+9+9+8= 27. You have to change 27 into a single digit, like 2+7= 9.

Similarly, the alphabet associated with the individual’s name works. Every alphabet in your name is equal to a particular number. When you decide to get your name checked with the help of a numerologist, they will do calculations in this fashion, where A =1, B=2, C= 3, and so on. When the alphabet gets the double-digit number, it will be changed into a single digit like M=13, I.e., 1+3= 4.

When numerologists in India make a prediction,  they usually get four prime elements and almost 30 to 30 modifiers. Understanding these core elements and modifiers will provide them with a deep insight into the various traits of an individual’s life.  

Single digits- the basis of Numerology.

The single digits from 1 to 9 are the basis of numerology. Any number, whether from your birthday or your name, is reduced to a single digit by summing up those numbers it is made of. For instance, the number 213 is reduced to 6 as 2+1+3=6. By reviewing the particular meanings of every digit 1 to 9,  Numerology Consultation Online can read the vaster meaning of any other number. As per the best numerologist, the meaning of these various digits is as follows:

1: goal-oriented, Independent, innovative

2: Intuitive, influential, unifying

3: artistic, Communicative, charming

4. service-oriented, Practical, loyal, 

5:  adaptable, Curious, social

6: protective, Supportive, romantic

7: analytical, Spiritual, curious, 

8: Ambitious, enduring, karmic

9: tolerant, Awakening, supportive